Choosing A Grow Kit

Choosing A Grow Kit

It Saves You Money

Whether you have never grown before and would like to start with a basic kit for 1-3 plants – or you want the highest yield available to maximize production, we have the perfect solution for you. Our kits come in different colors and sizes to make sure they fit in your home – and each kit is an all-in-one indoor grow kit, fully equipped with everything you need to grow your own high-quality medical cannabis. Just add soil and seeds.

Before you choose your kit, make sure you know the legal limit of plants allowed in your state:

legal map

Step 1: Choose a Space for Your Grow Kit

You can put your grow kit in a closet, cabinet, basement or the corner of a room as long as it meets the following criteria:

Cool & Dry: If your space is warm and humid, it can be hard to control the grow environment. Pick a cool, dry place.

Give Your Plants Air: Plants need fresh air to thrive, and carbon dioxide (CO2) is essential to the process of photosynthesis – so you’ll need a steady stream of air flowing through your grow room. This can be achieved with an exhaust fan placed near the top of the room – to remove the warmer air – and a filtered air inlet on the opposite side near the floor. To provide a constant light breeze, it is a good idea to install a wall-mounted circulating fan in your grow room.

Size & Accessibility: Make sure you have enough space for the number of plants you wish to grow as well as all the components of a grow kit such as ducting fans and lights. You’ll also need to be able to access the plants easily.

Access to Electricity: You’ll need an outlet nearby for the grow lights.

Easy to Clean: Make it as easy to clean as possible. Stick to easy-to-clean surfaces and stay away from carpets, drapes and raw wood if possible.

Room for Growth: You may want to grow your collection of plants down the line. In addition, cannabis plants can double or even triple in size in the early stage of flowering, so ensure that you have adequate headspace.

Step 2: Choose Your Grow Lights

The quality of light in your grow room is the number one environmental factor when it comes to the quantity and quality of your medical cannabis. Depending on your budget, here’s what to keep in mind when picking a grow light:

  • High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lights: HID lights are the industry standard, widely used for their combination of output, efficiency, and value. They cost more than some other lights but produce a high amount of light per unit. The main drawback for HID lights is that you will need air-cooled reflector hoods to mount your lamps in as they produce a lot of heat.
  • LED Grow Lights: LED lights are efficient because they last long, use less electricity than some other types of light, and create less heat. The main drawback is their cost.
  • Fluorescent Grow Lights: Fluorescent light fixtures are popular among small-scale growers because they are affordable and don’t require a cooling system. The main drawback is that fluorescent lights generate light per watt of electricity used than other types of light.
  • Induction Grow Lights: The induction lamp is a more efficient, longer-lasting version of the fluorescent bulb. The main drawback is the price ¬and availability of these types of fixtures.