Growing Vs Buying

Growing Vs Buying

It Saves You Money

While dispensaries make it easy and convenient for you to get a wide range of cannabis, there are significant downsides to buying cannabis vs. growing it yourself. Price is one of them.

In fact, where one plant at the store will cost upwards of $75, the cost of doing it at home is, on average, $.75. When you buy cannabis from a dispensary, you pay for more than the cannabis itself. Dispensaries charge for packaging, exorbitant government taxes & licensing fees and service as well – expenses you can cut out by growing your cannabis at home.

Pure, Organic Cannabis

Another noteworthy reason for growing cannabis at home is the complete control you have over the quality and purity of the plants. Unlike buying from dispensaries, who treat their products with chemicals and don’t disclose their production process, you know exactly where your harvest came from and what has been used to grow it. Pure, organic medical cannabis.

Easy and Satisfying

And much like a gardener or plant-enthusiast, the satisfaction and feeling of empowerment from growing your own medical cannabis is a reason in itself. And the best part? It is easy! With the right complete indoor grow tent, your cannabis plants will thrive with minimal effort.