Spring Sale Kit

Our Most Affordable Indoor Grow Kit Perfect For Your First Grow Experience.

Grows 1-3 Plants
HPS: 150-Watts 17,600 Lumens
*From the time of ordering to harvest – approximate timings.

This Indoor home kit contains the growing fundamentals to get your home grow underway. This kit is made of the highest quality materials and comes with the same level of customer support as the other more comprehensive grow kits.

$800.00 $548.95

Product Yield Chart

14oz per grow cycle
14oz per grow cycle
28oz per grow cycle
42oz per grow cycle

Discreet Packaging

Every order comes shipping in discreet, stealth packaging.

Legal World Wide

Our grow kits are legal in all of the US and across the globe.

Save Up To 65%

Verses hydroponic store pricing

Grow Tent

  • 2x5x2 Grow Tent - 800 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray

Light Unit

  • 600w LED with Setting for Veg and Bloom to give your plants the most optimal lighting for each stage.

Filtration System


  • (1) RX High Nutrient Fertilizer Mixv- 16 Quart Bag
  • (1) FoxFarm Happy Frog Grow Medium
  • (1) Cali Super Soil
  • (2) 5-Gallon Cloth Pots With Handles

Growing Supplies

  • (2) 1/8 inch Adjustable Heavy Duty Rope Hangers
  • Titanium Micro-Tip Easy Trimming Scissors
  • (2) Seed Starter Tray with Transparent Cover
  • 24 Hour Plug-in Electric Outlet Timer
  • Digital Indoor Thermometer for Temp and Humidity: HTC-2
  • Mason Jars: 16oz (1) and 32oz (1) (2 Jars total)
  • Rapid Rooter Plant Starters (5-Pack)
  • UV Safety Glasses
  • Deluxe Spray Bottle
  • Growing Manual